Compassionate Heights is an eight-bed assisted living community that will provide assistance and emotional support for the elders in our community.

Starting out as young caregivers we have seen many issues with the way our elderly population is being treated.  We started this journey to ensure the residents have a life full of meaning.  We want to raise the bar on the cares that are being offered and give the attention that each individual deserves.  As owners we will be involved in daily tasks and have a small close-knit team that offers clear communication along with a strong background in education related directly to caregivers.

In 2008 we had the privilege of working together as caregivers in a community.  We immediately realized that we both had compassion and strove to give the residents the best cares possible.  We became close friends and quickly worked our way up the ladder, promoted to team leads, then program managers and ultimately the Administrators for multiple communities.  We finally had the ability implement changes that greatly improved our resident’s quality of life.

What People Say

The renovation Keri and Danielle did to the entire building is amazing and beautiful.

Ryan Perez

My husband has dementia at a young age of 61, these girls have reassured me comfort. Thank you…

Marge Koenitzer

I’m so happy to be working with Danielle and Keri… they have gone out of their way to make this transition easier for me and my husband.

Marge Koenitzer

Let’s make life easy together.

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